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The Quantum Leap Lady As an experienced trainer in Thought Field Therapy, Bitta is an expert in removing mental blockages that hold you back. She is also a licenced coach in Tipping Point Methodology and The Vitality Test.

She has made these tools the bedrock of her work in helping leaders release their full natural potential. Since 2008, she has helped people achieve quantum leaps in their growth through simple, repeatable and holistic methods

Bitta is the author of The Book on Quantum Leaps for Leaders - The Practical Guide to becoming a More Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out. She has given presentations/lectures in 10 states and countries in USA/Africa and Europe – in 3 languages.

She established Wiese Consult in 2000, and co-founded the humanitarian foundation Strong Again in 2011. She was a co-founder of ATL Europe (Association of Transformational Leaders) in 2012 and The Network for Transformational Leaders in 2017.

Wiese Consult

Founding Member

“Before you create your outer brand, you have to find and align your inner brand. Then, you can achieve a “Resonance” of clarity your audiences will be magnetically drawn to. The Network is filled with heart-centered resonant exemplars whom I adore and am magnetized by.”

~Bitta Wiese