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Dr. Kroger is a highly degreed professional with specialties in law, taxation, accounting, securities, investments, and finance with deep experience in government, academia, and business. Dr. Kroger is a money manager who invented a one-of-a-kind investment product that is ideal for high net worth individuals, hedge funds, private equity funds, and others seeking high return with no downside risk.

Dr. Kroger has a deep interest in politics and government and is writing a book that seeks to establish a new paradigm of thought and redefine the relationship between the government and the people in order to more fully empower the people and create a more perfect union.

In his spare time, Dr. Kroger reads widely on numerous subjects from alternative medicine to religion, and charts his future as the President of the United States of America.



“Before you create your outer brand, you have to find and align your inner brand. Then, you can achieve a “Resonance” of clarity your audiences will be magnetically drawn to. The Network is filled with heart-centered resonant exemplars whom I adore and am magnetized by.”

~Jimmy Kroger