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Léocadie, a child of the world, guided by the pleasures in discovery of self and others.

Born in Egypt, she grew up on three continents and discovered the wealth of cultural differences. Travel and people encounters brought this four-language speaking woman to build a multi-faceted identity in international and blended environments.

She defines herself as a 'child of the world', determined, dynamic and carried by an immense energy dedicated to putting light on our differences and uniqueness with good cheer, joyous rhythms, dance, and the pleasure of self-discovery and exploration of others.

With a curious nature, she loves to experiment and transmit. Her work in companies aims to make people autonomous, responsible and actors of their evolution.

Co-creator of The Tribe’s method, she accompanies CEO’s and their teams to achieve ultra-performance.

Talent's Awake


“Before you create your outer brand, you have to find and align your inner brand. Then, you can achieve a “Resonance” of clarity your audiences will be magnetically drawn to. The Network is filled with heart-centered resonant exemplars whom I adore and am magnetized by.”

~Leocadie Ebakisse