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Margareta Kull and her team of trainers have been working to transform decision makers into courageous leaders heading courageous teams for 15+ years.

Decision-makers from over 15 countries have been challenged in her programmes which usually vary from 6-10 months.

An international trainer, public speaker, and executive coach, her background is in finance, global telecommunications and international advertising. She has a MSc in Business and mixes humour with seriousness. Warmth and energy are always present. She is currently working on her forthcoming book about this planet’s desperate need for courageous leaders and responsible followers. In 2016, she received a Quilly Award for her part in the bestselling book The Road to Success by Jack Canfield. Margareta is a co-founder of the Network for Transformational Leaders and a member of The Change Makers, empowering humans to be the change in the world.

Kull Leadership AB

Founding Member

“Before you create your outer brand, you have to find and align your inner brand. Then, you can achieve a “Resonance” of clarity your audiences will be magnetically drawn to. The Network is filled with heart-centered resonant exemplars whom I adore and am magnetized by.”

~Margareta Kull