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Founder of AlphaBet Club. Philanthropist, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Global Nomad, Community Builder, Global Technology Business Developer, Transformational Traveller and soon to be published Author.

Troy is the Founder and Managing Director of the AlphaBet Club.  ABC is an international for-impact, nonprofit organization operated by volunteers, that help children in need to break the cycle of poverty through education. ABC funds the opening of local schools (10 to date in India, Nepal, Haiti, Laos and Cambodia), as well as nutrition (400,000+ free meals served), books and transformational educational programs that would otherwise be out of reach for many marginalized children living in slums and impoverished rural areas.

TEDxChange Bangalore speaker on "AlphaBet Club’s Innovative Solutions to Tackle Poverty, Nutrition and Education Problems.”

Troy has 13 years of international IT Sales and Business Development experience and has worked in Global Strategic Alliances at Microsoft and at various management capacities in Global, EMEA & European Country roles for leading software, internet and services organizations.  

Troy is an avid traveller and thrives on living in and exploring new cultures, and lives with an extreme passion for connecting amazing people to make a positive impact on the planet. Troy has prioritized immersive global travel to experience first-hand differing cultures and their varied socio-economic realities. These multi-month excursions have been to Central America, South America, India, Asia, Caribbean, Antarctica and Africa. A primary objective of these travels is to seek out and join transformational travel experiences recommended by friends and colleagues.



“Before you create your outer brand, you have to find and align your inner brand. Then, you can achieve a “Resonance” of clarity your audiences will be magnetically drawn to. The Network is filled with heart-centered resonant exemplars whom I adore and am magnetized by.”

~Brooks Cole